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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Bad Mental Image File, Part 2

Again from Rude Pundit:

Prior to that, Bush spoke about Lincoln's early days, his "humble beginnings," if you will: "Before history took notice, he earned money as a storekeeper, a surveyor and a post master. He taught himself the law." And perhaps the irony was not lost on the gathered crowd, that this son of privilege, who never suffered a day in his life, who had servants hired just to buff his balls after a bath, was allowed to even speak the name of Abraham Lincoln, who, faults and all, sought to keep together a nation that George Bush and the current Republicans are trying to desperately to tear apart.

Yeah, when I lie awake at night, I want to picture someone buffing Bush's balls.

Wait a minute...but he doesn't have any!

*sigh of relief*

That sure solves that problem.

Although it doesn't save me from imaginining Cheney and/or Rove playing puppeteer with their hands up Bush's ass. Or Republicans having sex in general, because, after all, they have to reproduce somehow.

Forget banning gay marriage, can we ban Republican marriage?


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