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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Bad Mental Image File

Like, bad enough to give Boinkette nightmares. Worse nightmares than Wolfie molesting his comb in F 9/11.

The thought of Antonin Scalia engaging in sodomy.

So it turns out that an NYU law student asked him whether he does such things with his wife in order to make a point about the degradation that gays are subject to under anti-sodomy laws. I totally agree with the cause, but that's just something I'd rather not imagine. I mean, I'd rather picture Rove with his hand up Bush's ass, which is pretty much the case anyway. Or Jeff Gannon practicing his media whoredom. Or Rick Santorum and a dog--ok, maybe not that.

Wonkette has the scoop on the student's reasoning behind his disturbing question, and Rude Pundit just goes too far :

Fucking Maureen Scalia's Face:
So yesterday, Antonin Scalia is speaking at NYU when a gay man, pissed off that Scalia went nutzoid supporting anti-sodomy laws that were struck down by the majority of the Supreme Court that happens to believe that consensual ass fucking, labia licking, and blow jobs are really not the province of government intervention, asks Scalia, "Do you sodomize your wife?" Because, you know, everyone needs the picture in their heads of Maureen Scalia with Big Tony's spicy sausage thrusting in and out of her mouth. But, really, and, c'mon, it's a totally legit question, since some of the laws Scalia supported had blanket bans on straight and gay sodomy. So, like, if Big Tony was munchin' on Maureen's kooz like a badger on a titmouse and Maureen started shriekin', "Suck my clit, you meatball of a man" a little too loud for the people of the Birmingham Marriott, the police might have been able to burst in and drag the future Chief Justice and the good Misses down to central lock-up, where, ironically, sodomy is the law of the land.

Pardon me while I poke my eyes out.


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