The best part of politics: because they're all screwing us anyway.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Just for fun

Not being one, I can't quite imagine what goes on between Republicans when they are alone, but this is my best guess:

"Look at those Laffer curves on you! You're making my stocks go up! I wanna trickle down on you, baby!"

"Oh yeah! Give me a tax break! A BIG tax break! Give it to me!"

"Oh, I'll give you a tax break all right. I'll give you the biggest tax break you've ever seen. And I'm going to invade your sovereign nation, too! But I'm going to need to carry out some inspections first. I believe you're in posession of weapons of mass seduction!"

"You bet your conservative ass I am, baby. Wanna come find them?"

"OHHH yeah...and then you know what we're gonna do? We're going to spread democracy!"

"I'll spread my democracy for you anytime, baby!"


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