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Sunday, April 17, 2005

A little dated, but...

I came up with this a while ago (remember when Kerry and Edwards were being all lovey-dovey and practically making out at every appearance?), and now that I have a blog, I will share it for your entertainment. Just close your eyes and think back to the good old days of the KE04 campaign...

What goes on when Kerry and Edwards are alone:

"Oh, John, I love how you flip-flop! I want to see all of your positions! Show me how you change positions!"

"Yeah baby, who's your president, who's your president!!"

"I'd give you the authority to use force any time, John!"

"Oh John, I love it when you talk diplomatic! Give it to me, baby! Oh yeah! Give me that
resolution! Ohhhhhh....ohhh yeah...."

"Oh, I'm gonna put the vice in vice president all right! Let's make two Americas one America tonight, baby!"

"Oh John, ohhhhh yeah..."

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