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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Maybe this is why the fundies hate condoms so much?

Because they're bad for the environment...and we all know how much rightwingers care about the environment.

Apparently, said condoms have been slipping through the sewage system and winding up in Lake Michigan, but the city is making progress against such accidents:

After spending more than $1.8 million for a temporary system to catch stray condoms slipping through a sewage treatment plant, a Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District spokesman says officials are fairly confident a majority of condoms are now being caught before they can reach Lake Michigan.

The problem apparently began when "a fisherman reported seeing what he called a slick of thousands of condoms floating in the lake following a heavy rainstorm in April of 2003."

At first, the city employeed this creative response:

Initially, a single laborer armed with a swimming pool skimmer was posted at the chlorine tanks at the Jones Island treatment plant to capture condoms that survived earlier phases of screening at the plant.

Man, now that sounds like a fun summer job--after all, who wouldn't want to list "condom catcher" on their resume?

Later, the city resorted to the larger scale methods that are now working.

It's a good thing the religious right hasn't found out about this yet, or they'd really be up in arms (or, um, other body parts? damn repressed Republicans).


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