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Monday, May 16, 2005

Pervert Wars II: Return of the Mule-fucker

Ah, it's hard to let a good mule-fucking story go. Luckily, Horsley is helping dirty-minded bloggers everywhere by continuing to tell Alan Colmes about his unusual sexual practices.

Wonkette reports this bit of dialogue between Colmes and the infamous mule-fucker:

COLMES: Have you ever had sex with a washing machine?

HORSLEY: Um, well, haven't ever really thought about it, but the fact of matter is it shakes and there have been times when in reality that would be an option.

He apparently also confesses that he's "had sex with men and would possibly consider a 'warm watermelon.'"

Watermelon? Whatever happened to apple pies? Or is the rightwing boycotting them too because their makers are sponsoring the Gay Games?


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