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Monday, May 16, 2005

The right wing hates gay macaroni

First it was Tinky Winky, then SpongeBob, and now they're after....Kraft Foods??

Apparently, the American Family Association is pissed that Kraft, the maker of everyone's favorite macaroni and cheese (you know how gay those noodles are, all nestled in together like that!), is sponsoring the Gay Games.

Electablog's got the scoop on this new form of food discrimination:

What's next, protesting Oreo cookies because of their implied support of interracial sex (I mean come on, I think we all know what double stuff means...).

Or maybe we should protest Kraft singles because of the suggestion that being single (translation, decadent and promiscuous) is OK.

Ritz crackers? French elitism. Enough said.

And just add up Cheez Whiz, Corn Nuts, Claussen Kosher (translation, Jewish) Pickles, Nutter Butter (as in Brando's "Give me a pad of..."), and Fruit 2.0, and you'll quickly realize that your family grocery store has basically been turned into the set of a porn remake of the Will and Grace series.

This is the age of crazy. Time for the sane people to pipe up.


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