The best part of politics: because they're all screwing us anyway.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Rude Pundit sums up Republican perversion

From Spokane's homophobic closet-case/Michael Jackson-wannabe of a mayor to Bolton's forced group sex to Hager's forced ass-fucking to Horsley's forced mule-fucking, Rude Pundit sums it all up in a neat little, um, package.

The bow on top of that package: a little Clinton nostalgia. I miss the days of consensual cock-sucking too:

Somehow a blow job under the desk seems so quaint, you know? Next to the throbbing perverse desires of the right that explode in destructive behavior against those who love them and those they want to fuck, the simple placing of consensual lips around a consensual cock is so comforting. It recontextualizes everything, doesn't it, all this crazed fucking. No wonder the right wants to destroy the legacy of the old and new left. They're jealous that they never got to enjoy it. And it's going to send them over a cliff. Rome burned because the leaders were so busy giving in to their sex drives run amok that they never saw the barbarians coming.

Barbarians coming--isn't what all this rightwing perversion is about?


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