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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The biggest problem in our society is...

Violence? Nah, must be sex.

At least according to Hillary Clinton and Joe "I love the taste of Bush's ass in the morning" Lieberman, who are disturbed to find hidden pornographic content in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto:

The content can be unlocked by using the "Hot Coffee" code modification widely available on the Internet. By installing the modification, gamers can have their drivers find different girlfriends in the game who will have a "cup of hot coffee" -- a euphemism for sex -- with them.

"Hot coffee"? That's a new one. Damn, the kids are creative these days.

Too creative for Hillary--she's proposing legislation to keep sex out of violent video games and to, er, stiffen the video games rating system.

And I thought this kind of stuff only came from the likes of Santorum.


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