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Monday, August 22, 2005

Gotta love it

For once, someone is complaining about not enough nudity in the arts:

LONDON - The advertising watchdog has rejected a complaint for an ad for the ballet 'Naked', made by someone who was disappointed that the performers stayed fully clothed throughout the show.

A member of the public from Surrey complained about the leaflet promoting the Ballet Boyz production of 'Naked'. It had shown the title of the ballet, with the letter "A" formed by dancers who appeared to be naked and in a pose that seemed to be sexually suggestive.

The complainant said that the image was not taken from the ballet. Furthermore, she objected that the show "contained no scenes of an adult nature, as stated on the leaflet".

The Advertising Standards Authority turned down the complaint saying that, despite no nakedness, the ballet was sensual in its nature.

"Because it understood that the back projections for the performance featured dancers who were naked from the waist up and the general tone of the ballet was sensual, the authority concluded that readers were unlikely to be materially misled by the leaflet," the ASA said.


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