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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is Singapore the new Amsterdam?

Well, not yet, but it is having its first ever Sex Expo:

Staid Singapore will host its first-ever Sex Expo in November after receiving in-principle approval from the tightly-controlled city-state's authorities, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

Yes, they do like things tight, don't they?

The Singapore police have already imposed certain conditions for organizers -- no obscene acts can be put on display and all exhibits and promotions will face government scrutineers, the Straits Times newspaper reported.

I'm sure those government scrutineers get more enjoyment than they would admit to from looking at all those potential promotions.

...The exhibition will feature furniture "designed to enhance lovemaking" and an erotic toy section, the paper said. An exhibition on the history of condoms is also scheduled for show.

Hey, better than the wingnuts in America who like to pretend condoms don't exist.

Singapore, a tiny, wealthy Southeast Asian city-state of 4.2 million, has been attempting to shake off its well-known stuffy image, and officials say they are trying to loosen the shackles to cater to a generation exposed to overseas influences.

Shackles, huh? Exposed? Sounds like a good time to me.

But restrictions abound: Cosmopolitan magazine can only be sold if wrapped to avoid browsing by minors, and programs like HBO's "Sex and the City" and "Six Feet Under" have been screened with cuts by the country's censors.

Cosmo condoms? That's a new one.

Singapore also outlaws oral sex and homosexuality.

But that's no fun.

Officials say its citizens want censorship. Police could not immediately be contacted for comment.

Yeah, because they were too busy milking the lizards while screening all the posters for the expo.


  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger buffalobobb said…

    Hold yer horses Boinkette. This is Singapore, where chewing gum is a controlled substance and oral sex is a crime. They'll have their little Expo for the trade, well out of harm's way and under blackout conditions -- I think.

  • At 8:46 PM, Blogger Boinkette said…

    Yeah,'s still amusing, though.


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